Computer numerical control (CNC) is a very convenient and efficient manufacturing technique that utilizes computer-programmed machines and tools to design a wide variety of materials and items.

Such items are often produced with incredible precision in mind so that each item emerges from the machine exactly how it was intended to be made. The same goes for individual parts or tools that a CNC machine can design. Many of these items are used in industries where precision must be second-to-none, such as aviation and aerospace.

These are some of the most common items that can be produced by BARKEV ENGINEERING'S CNC machines:

  • Industrial Blade Manufacturing

  • Metal Engraved Plaques 

  • Trucking & Trailer Parts.

  • Specialised Auto Parts

  • Approved Aviation parts

  • Specialised Steel Structures & Stairways

  • Product Prototypes

  • Specialisted Metal Parts or Pieces

  • Specialised Plastic Parts or Pieces

  • Metal Support Frames & Structures

  • Production Parts and Accesories